Fashion At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have come and gone, and though many see the awards show as little more than a prelude to the Oscars, it still offers entertainment, prestigious awards, and of course – fashion gossip. In fact, fashion is one of the most consistent elements of film awards shows from year to year. No matter which films win the awards, or how good the films are, the style demonstrated by the celebrities in attendance will generate plenty of discussion, and fans shopping everywhere from high-end fashion boutiques to Marks and Spencer online will do their best to imitate their favourite looks. With that said, here’s a look at the Golden Globes red carpet, and four of the worst and best dressed actresses.

5 Worst Dressed

Emily Blunt

There’s nothing wrong with the seemingly vintage-inspired, dull gold dress that Emily Blunt wore to the Golden Globes. However, on her the dress seemed like a poor match. Despite Blunt’s beauty, this dress just couldn’t work with her skin tone.

Helena Bonham Carter

We all love her characters, but Helena Bonham Carter might be bringing them onto the red carpet a bit too recognizably. The somewhat gothic look seemed more appropriate for one of hubby Tim Burton’s films than the red carpet.

Lucy Liu

Wearing a wide, pale blue gown patterned with roses from Carolina Herrera, Ms. Liu looked more like a disney character than an actress on the red carpet. The gown had a certain cuteness, but was ultimately distracting and artificial.

Jessica Chastain

The sea-foam gown from Calvin Klein did work with Chastain’s bright red hair (a bit of a mermaid effect), but the loose-fitting top of the gown was distracting. Simply put, anyone looking at the actress was wondering when the wardrobe malfunction would occur.

5 Best Dressed

Ariel Winter

Despite Huffington Post’s suggestion that the 14 year old Modern Family star should better display her silhouette, there was something refreshing about Winter’s girlish attire at the Globes. It’s nice to see a young girl be a young girl, instead of the next Lindsay Lohan.

Jennifer Lopez

Ms. Lopez arrived in a cream gown adorned with lace patterns that left little to the imagination, but remained oddly elegant and tasteful. This is just the latest in a career of strong fashion showings for the actress and singer.

Claire Danes

Just months after giving birth to a new baby, the Homeland star stunned in a beautiful red gown. Danes was certainly one of the most striking stars at the Globes, and the gown was perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence

A big winner on stage, Lawrence was also a winner on the red carpet, sporting a beautiful and tasteful red gown from Dior Haute Couture. She’s on quite a roll, and fans can’t wait to see how she shows up at the Oscars.

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